What Kind of Flooring Should Use in My Home

When it comes to renovating, a homeowner generally focuses on specific areas that need improvement. If your paint has finger smudges and is chipping from your walls, you repaint your interior. If your existing flooring is carpet or worn linoleum, you will be interested in starting fresh with a new floor. The problem? There are limitless flooring options, and it’s difficult to narrow them down.

Hardwood floor is by far the most popular option in recent years.

There are many choices of style and color of hardwood floor, including short boards, long boards, and a mix of styles and sizes. Because it’s simple flooring, the maintenance is much less than that of broadloom carpets. Simply sweep away your dust bunnies and enjoy your flooring. Hardwood is also extremely durable and long lasting, and many styles will not chip or crack if you happen to drop something on them unexpectedly. If you find the expanse of the floor throughout your home a bit on the hard and chilly side, you can add a variety of area rugs. Area rugs can separate the home into sections or cushion little one’s who are crawling or playing on the floor.

What about Ceramic?

Ceramic tile comes in more varieties than ever, and it’s definitely the flooring of choice for front entrances, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. You can find many different types of ceramic tile, from terra cotta to glossy white. High-end tile such as travertine is a natural stone that provides a beautiful finish to your floor. Although extremely durable when polished and sealed, unsealed travertine flooring can crack and break in heat or when something falls on it. Always be sure that your floor is sealed and installed by a professional.

Carpeting can be a good choice.

Broadloom carpet is the most common flooring you will find in homes. The varieties of carpet are many, and the choice comes down to personal preference. Current trends in carpet are long, soft shag in taupe’s and chocolate browns, as well as a neutral short pile for every room in your home. It’s always better to find a color that isn’t too light, especially if you have small children who will be frequently spilling on the carpet. You may wish to choose different colors for your children’s bedrooms, as carpet can come in shades of pink or blue that your children are sure to love. When purchasing carpet, resist the urge to buy less expensive underlay. Carpet with thicker underlay feels more cushy when walking through your home or playing on the floor with your kids. Thin underlay gives off the feeling of concrete right under your carpet.

Choose wisely.

Choosing your flooring is a huge commitment in your home. Not only is it a fairly pricey endeavor, it’s also not simple to change if you end up disliking it. Decide before hand what your flooring needs are. For example, if you have a family, you may wish to stick to hardwood flooring for its durability. Research and bringing samples home will allow you to choose the flooring that suits you, and your family, best.