Swimming Pools – Healthy Pool Water

Pool water maintenance is important if you want to have a sparkling fresh and clean pool. You must find a way of ensuring that your water is always kept clean and fresh. There are several problems related to pool water, for example, the growth of algae, bacteria and other toxins. These can make the water unsuitable for swimming and sometimes may even damage the lining, which could end up creating expensive repairs. The following pool water maintenance tips can help keep your water fresh all the year round.

The pH range

The pH level of the water refers to how acidic the water is. Water that is acidic is likely to be filled with algae. The recommended pH range you should maintain is between 7.2 – 7.6 and the higher the number the better as the water will be more alkaline. Lower than this range means the water is acidic. But the pH should not go above 7.8 because this will make the water too alkaline. You will have to add sodium bisulphate to lower the pH level.

Chlorine level

For the best pool water free from bacterial contamination, it is imperative that the chlorine level be monitored regularly be maintained at the proper level. Chlorine helps kill and eliminate microorganisms in your pool. What should be noted is that chlorine is very toxic and improper handling and containment of chlorine can be dangerous. The recommended chlorine level is 1-3 ppm (parts per million). You should monitor the chlorine level on a daily basis during swimming season.

Use algaecides

In order to keep algae from developing in your pool, it is necessary to make use of algaecides, like potassium tetraborate. These agents prevent the algae from being able to go through the photosynthesis process that allows the organisms to thrive. The chemicals prevent reproduction, causing the algae to die off. It is important an algaecide on hand in order to ensure your pool water is always free from algae.

Always keep the filter clean

The trick to keeping pristine pool water is a clean filter. It is among the most important things to consider in pool water maintenance. A properly functioning filter will ensure that contaminates are not allowed to remain in the water. On top of that, a clean filter also ensures that your pool water circulates properly and is always clean. Therefore, it is important to perform a daily check of the pool the filter to ensure there is no blockage and that the filter is functioning properly to avoid strain on the pump.

Clean and patch the liner

This is yet another important pool water maintenance practice. Cleaning of your pool’s lining regularly is very important. You can do this by brushing with a steel brush if the lining is made of concrete. Use a soft scrub brush if the lining is made of nylon. This helps keep the algae away and any other dirt that might be sticking to the lining. If you own an outdoor pool it is important to try to keep it covered if it is not in use. This will help protect it from environmental factors such as rain, animals, tree leaves, insects and other environmental factors.

Proper pool water maintenance is important to ensure your pool is kept clean and ‘fresh for a very long time. On top of that you, your family and guests will enjoy swimming in it.