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Finding a Reliable Contractor for Kitchen & Bathroom Construction

If уоu аrе lіkе most people who аrе tired оf being swindled bу contractors who milk уоu fоr every dіmе you саn muѕtеr, here are a fеw suggestіоnѕ for you to соnѕіdеr when finding a reliable contractor for bathroom and kitchen restorations. 

Research your contractor –

Hiring the “іndеpеndent handyman” can be risky, and the “large-ѕсаlе builder” іѕ not always аvаіlаblе or worthу of уour tіmе and budget. Investing the tіmе tо find the right contractor іѕ раrаmount for a jоb dоnе wеll and tіme well spent.

Word оf mouth –

Mаnу contractоrѕ ѕау that”word of mouth” frоm satisfied customеrѕ іѕ their bеѕt form оf advеrtіsing, ѕо bеgіn the process by asking friends and relatives if they knоw a good tradesman they’d rеcommend.  When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, a good plumbing contractor is a must so in addition to friends and family, check out online reviews to get an indication of the reputation of the plumber you are looking to hire. Continue reading Finding a Reliable Contractor for Kitchen & Bathroom Construction

Recommended Cleaning Methods for Carpets

There is a multitude of different methods which can be used for cleaning carpets, and the one you choose to maintain your carpets lavish appearance will depend on your own personal preference. There is also a multitude of different cleaning solutions which have been designed to help you, such as deodorizers, spotters, stain removers, concentrates and sanitizers in both liquid or powder form. Knowing the manner of the cleaning job at hand will be significant so that you know which cleaning product to use, as different stains require a different method of cleaning. Using the wrong method can result in stains being left behind or made worse, or carpets which are too wet and which have been damaged by the cleaning method or product used.

There are a few main carpet cleaning methods recommended by the experts, and they are as follows:

Rotary Cleaning –

A rotary cleaner is typically the carpet cleaning solution of choice for most people, as it leaves carpets looking almost brand new. The cleaning solution is scrubbed into the carpet directly from the machines tank before dirty water is wet-vacuumed up.
Cons – Needs a certain amount of experience to prevent carpets becoming water damaged. Carpets have to be cleaned in a 4ft square area to enable the wet-vac to cope with removing water adequately. You will want a well-trained carpet cleaner for this.
Pros – Uses agitation to clean carpets thoroughly, making it the most popular and efficient carpet cleaning method. Not every hot water extraction carpet cleaning company uses a counter rotating brush so make sure to ask the question before hiring anyone.  Also, ask if your technician is IICRC certified like the staff at Capital Region Carpet Cleaning. Continue reading Recommended Cleaning Methods for Carpets

Swimming Pools – Healthy Pool Water

Pool water maintenance is important if you want to have a sparkling fresh and clean pool. You must find a way of ensuring that your water is always kept clean and fresh. There are several problems related to pool water, for example, the growth of algae, bacteria and other toxins. These can make the water unsuitable for swimming and sometimes may even damage the lining, which could end up creating expensive repairs. The following pool water maintenance tips can help keep your water fresh all the year round.

The pH range

The pH level of the water refers to how acidic the water is. Water that is acidic is likely to be filled with algae. The recommended pH range you should maintain is between 7.2 – 7.6 and the higher the number the better as the water will be more alkaline. Lower than this range means the water is acidic. But the pH should not go above 7.8 because this will make the water too alkaline. You will have to add sodium bisulphate to lower the pH level.

Chlorine level

For the best pool water free from bacterial contamination, it is imperative that the chlorine level be monitored regularly be maintained at the proper level. Chlorine helps kill and eliminate microorganisms in your pool. What should be noted is that chlorine is very toxic and improper handling and containment of chlorine can be dangerous. The recommended chlorine level is 1-3 ppm (parts per million). You should monitor the chlorine level on a daily basis during swimming season.

Use algaecides

In order to keep algae from developing in your pool, it is necessary to make use of algaecides, like potassium tetraborate. These agents prevent the algae from being able to go through the photosynthesis process that allows the organisms to thrive. The chemicals prevent reproduction, causing the algae to die off. It is important an algaecide on hand in order to ensure your pool water is always free from algae.

Always keep the filter clean

The trick to keeping pristine pool water is a clean filter. It is among the most important things to consider in pool water maintenance. A properly functioning filter will ensure that contaminates are not allowed to remain in the water. On top of that, a clean filter also ensures that your pool water circulates properly and is always clean. Therefore, it is important to perform a daily check of the pool the filter to ensure there is no blockage and that the filter is functioning properly to avoid strain on the pump.

Clean and patch the liner

This is yet another important pool water maintenance practice. Cleaning of your pool’s lining regularly is very important. You can do this by brushing with a steel brush if the lining is made of concrete. Use a soft scrub brush if the lining is made of nylon. This helps keep the algae away and any other dirt that might be sticking to the lining. If you own an outdoor pool it is important to try to keep it covered if it is not in use. This will help protect it from environmental factors such as rain, animals, tree leaves, insects and other environmental factors.

Proper pool water maintenance is important to ensure your pool is kept clean and ‘fresh for a very long time. On top of that you, your family and guests will enjoy swimming in it.


What Kind of Flooring Should Use in My Home

When it comes to renovating, a homeowner generally focuses on specific areas that need improvement. If your paint has finger smudges and is chipping from your walls, you repaint your interior. If your existing flooring is carpet or worn linoleum, you will be interested in starting fresh with a new floor. The problem? There are limitless flooring options, and it’s difficult to narrow them down.

Hardwood floor is by far the most popular option in recent years.

There are many choices of style and color of hardwood floor, including short boards, long boards, and a mix of styles and sizes. Because it’s simple flooring, the maintenance is much less than that of broadloom carpets. Simply sweep away your dust bunnies and enjoy your flooring. Hardwood is also extremely durable and long lasting, and many styles will not chip or crack if you happen to drop something on them unexpectedly. If you find the expanse of the floor throughout your home a bit on the hard and chilly side, you can add a variety of area rugs. Area rugs can separate the home into sections or cushion little one’s who are crawling or playing on the floor.

What about Ceramic?

Ceramic tile comes in more varieties than ever, and it’s definitely the flooring of choice for front entrances, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. You can find many different types of ceramic tile, from terra cotta to glossy white. High-end tile such as travertine is a natural stone that provides a beautiful finish to your floor. Although extremely durable when polished and sealed, unsealed travertine flooring can crack and break in heat or when something falls on it. Always be sure that your floor is sealed and installed by a professional.

Carpeting can be a good choice.

Broadloom carpet is the most common flooring you will find in homes. The varieties of carpet are many, and the choice comes down to personal preference. Current trends in carpet are long, soft shag in taupe’s and chocolate browns, as well as a neutral short pile for every room in your home. It’s always better to find a color that isn’t too light, especially if you have small children who will be frequently spilling on the carpet. You may wish to choose different colors for your children’s bedrooms, as carpet can come in shades of pink or blue that your children are sure to love. When purchasing carpet, resist the urge to buy less expensive underlay. Carpet with thicker underlay feels more cushy when walking through your home or playing on the floor with your kids. Thin underlay gives off the feeling of concrete right under your carpet.

Choose wisely.

Choosing your flooring is a huge commitment in your home. Not only is it a fairly pricey endeavor, it’s also not simple to change if you end up disliking it. Decide before hand what your flooring needs are. For example, if you have a family, you may wish to stick to hardwood flooring for its durability. Research and bringing samples home will allow you to choose the flooring that suits you, and your family, best.

Lawn and Landscape Services

Every home needs a little piece of lavish green paradise.

If you have a new home in need of some greenery or if you are just looking to add to or rejuvenate the current lawn and garden with some new landscaping and tree planting around your home or place of business, you will find that there are overwhelming choices when it comes to what kind of style, plant and vegetation selections, and materials that can be used to complete any project. Most landscape renovations required lots of tools, materials, and, don’t forget about labor, that you may find it most worth your while to hire the expertise of a local lawn, landscape, and tree service experts to get the job done right the first time.

Here we will take a look at a few things you should consider before signing with any lawn and landscape contractor.


  1. What sort of design ideas are you considering?

The first and most important aspect to landscaping is determining what it is exactly that you are looking to accomplish with the project. Are you updating a current design or starting with a new design altogether? What ideas do you have in mind? You want to have a very clear and specific notion about what the work you actually will be having done, this way when you do finally call a local tree and landscape company you will be able to convey your ideas, listen to some professional evaluations regarding your project and then they can quickly evaluate project and outline costs and give you a realistic estimate of the time needed for completion.  It would be recommended that you compare proposals from several other companies and et multiple price quotes.

  1. How will the design be implemented and installed?

After selecting what exactly you are looking for in a landscape design, you need to get an idea of what it will take to actually install and complete the project as a whole. Once again your local landscape professional will be able to tell you how they plan to best pull together your yard plan. It is important for you to have a good picture of how the undertaking will impact your life and you should have a good feel for when the work will begin and the duration of the project of the project from start to finish. Leaving on open-ended time plan for a project can end up costing you more money in the end.  A tree service without experience or not quite so reputable contractor may underestimate the scope of the project and then try to increase the price to compensate or at the very least make your life quite miserable.

  1. Does the landscaper or arborist have insurance to protect you as a homeowner?

Most importantly before hiring any company to complete work on your property be sure they are fully covered with valid and up to date insurance. There are many hazards involved with landscaping and garden design work especially when you are considering larger projects requiring many materials, and tools. For this reason, you must ensure that any local landscaper is insured for your protection and the protection of their employees on while they are on your property.  Do not cut corners with a company that is not forthcoming with their licensing and insurance information. When hiring professional tree and landscaping services to complete a project on your home or businesses property you want to do as much research as possible and find out as much as you can about the company, the work they’ve done in the past, and how long they’ve been operating in your area. Be sure to plan ahead for costs, time frames, and materials by doing the research, both locally and online to ensure you see your landscape design project through to the end on time and on budget.  In the end, your diligence will lead to lavish green living.

Finding Home Repair & Maintenance Services

People just love their homes and are usually pretty content until something goes wrong. Then it is decision time. Is this a small home repair that you can do yourself, or is this something that requires finding home repair and maintenance services in the Albany, NY Capital District and Saratoga County?

Most of the time the small home repairs such as plugged up drains, faulty toilet flaps or lost screws are things that can be addressed easily by a handy homeowner. But when it comes to something significant like a leaking toilet, hole in the ceiling or a broken garage door, a professional handyman is needed.

How does one go about getting a good home repair service?

The oldest and probably best way is “word of mouth.” If your neighbor has had success with a service, chances are good that you will too. It is great to have a personal recommendation rather than leaving things up to a random business card posted on a grocery store bulletin board.  However, some research can and should be performed.

There are places that you can look online where people have recommended a particular service. Many of them have a comment section where you can read about a certain home repair and see if the person was satisfied with the work. Also, you can investigate online what is needed for your situation. There is usually an estimated time given so you know what you are in for. Cost is sometimes listed as well, although this would just be a ballpark figure as each case is different.

Speaking of cost

it is a good idea to get a couple of bids if your home repair project is a big one. The wisdom is usually to get three bids. And do not necessarily go with the lowest. Sometimes the middle one is the one to go with. Consider everything that is being offered as well as the projected time to complete the project.

The benefits of hiring a service are that the work is usually guaranteed. Most home repair services are more than happy to earn your business and over deliver to make you happy. If that means coming back to fix something, they will do that. Home repair contractors want you to be the next “word of mouth” customer for them and that means a happy customer.

Many times a home repair service will have more than one person working for them. This can come in handy if your repair is complicated. It is the situation of two brains being better than one when thinking about your repair.

A thoughtful repair person

Not only do you want your service to be friendly, timely and accurate when completing your home repair, you want the handyman to offer some common courtesies.  Some examples would be:

  • Workers should remove or clean off thier shoes when entering the house so as not to track in mud.
  • They need to put down drop cloths when making a mess.
  • Cleaning up after themselves with their vacuum or yours is necessary.

Some repair professionals have paper booties that they put over their shoes each time they enter the house. This prevents them from having to remove their shoes every time and it keeps your house clean! All of these acts lead to a more positive experience for home repair.

Be thoughtful of your repair person also

Sometimes people are so caught up in looking at what the home repair professionals do, that they do not think of common courtesies that they themselves may offer.  For example, you should ask the repair people if they would like a soda or some water. Tell them what bathroom they are to use. Try to make their time spent with you comfortable for them.  You don’t have to cook them lunch or anything like that, just use some common sense. This way everyone will be happy.