About The Guide

Hi, Matt here.

This blog is the product of some extensive investigation that I have done in the process of doing home renovations and maintenance. Some of the projects I did myself and others involved finding the right professional for the project.

Rather than file away everything that I learned in some little corner of my brain. I decided to share with anyone that cares to read this blog. Maybe I can save you some time doing research and maybe you can learn from some of my mistakes.

I hope to cover home projects both inside and out so I will be discussing gardening and landscaping as well. The setting the home is lace on is as important as the home itself. The birds and the bees the trees and shrubs are all important to the home environment. I understand country dwellers have a little more room to play here than city dwellers, bur I hope everyone will be able to take something away from my experiences.
In consideration of the environment, I hope to cover some “green energy topics”. Bear in mind that different areas are more adept for certain types of eco-friendly energy systems, so I just want to go on record here and say you will want to check with local sources to see what green energy systems will work best for you.

Thanks for checking in. Hope you find this useful.

Tips and tricks for your home-Inside & Out